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Dr. Garcia-Perez featured in Washington State Magazine for his work in Bioenergy

Dr. Garcia-Perez is featured in Washington State Magazine for his work in Bioenergy.
Photo of Dr. Manuel Garcia-Perez by Robert Hubner, WSU Photo Services.

Dr. Manuel Garcia - Perez’s research addresses the environmental burden associated with the world’s declining petroleum resources. He is currently working on new Thermochemical conversion concepts— a process that converts biomass waste, such as forest residues, sugar cane bagasse, triglycerides, sugars, and starch, into transportation fuels and chemicals.

Garcia-Perez and his research partners have worked for more than eight years in novel approaches to characterize bio-oils produced from diverse agricultural and forest feedstock's.

“Major contributions have been made in the use of new analytical approaches to characterize these complex liquids. Instead of using analytical techniques targeting individual compounds, our research targets characterization approaches that emphasize chemical groups or fractions. This approach is very useful for creating a rational platform for new refineries."

As the importance of biomass for fuels, chemicals, building materials, and clothing continues to increase, students must learn how to integrate thermal, biological, chemical and mechanical conversion approaches to utilize these resources.

“University professors must be motivators and use available opportunities to tell stories of success and to introduce great researchers and business people as models. We must also recognize the achievements of our students and encourage them to work for their dreams,”

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Department of Biological Systems Engineering
Engineering and Architecture
Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Science


Dr. Manuel Garcia-Perez

Associate Professor / Scientist

Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University
L. J. Smith 205, P.O. Box 64120
Pullman, Washington USA

TEL: 509 335-7758
FAX: 509 335-2722

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